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Merchants of Beauty with Ava Ghiotti

Episode Summary

On this episode, I chat with Ava Ghiotti, founder of Merchants of Beauty. She is a makeup artist turned candle making businesswoman. She talks about the importance of during what you want and following your intuition despite what others mind think. We chat further on her love of storytelling, why she decided to start building her empire through candles, and the importance of relationships. CODE FOR 25% OF YOUR MERCHANTS OF BEAUTY CANDLE ORDER FOR JULY: BRAVE25

Episode Notes

Ava Ghiotti’s love of entrepreneurship stems from her passion for creative storytelling, design and the challenges and logistics of brand development.  She often credits problem solving with keeping her on her toes and the contributing factor of her growth as a business owner.  Ava is the founder and creative designer behind Merchants of Beauty.  Combining her love for storytelling, design, and meaningful objects she set out to elevate the candle experience. Moving from NYC to Los Angeles for 4 years, it was during her time on the West Coast that she honed her skills on project visualization and creating experiential experiences.  Making her way back to New York City, Ava began the development of Merchants of Beauty; the culmination of her experiences around storytelling and creative development.  Ava created Merchants of Beauty from the notion that meaningful objects can capture the essence of moments and memories, sparking conversation that can lead to your next great adventure.  Ava currently resides in New York City and is forever inspired by the energy of the city she calls home.  It is her hope that you find a bit of your essence in the collections she has designed.


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